Monday, 3 November 2014

About my first bilingual book

"What title shall I give this book?" I asked myself.

Before I started writing this book about 6 months ago, I had to consider a few things. I wanted to publish a book which is unique and captures the senses of babies and toddlers. I wanted to publish a book which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and races. I wanted to write a book which has a prominent main character and a simple storyline that gives a positive impact in the hearts of all. I wanted to write a book which uses simple English and Malay so that these languages can be absorbed by young children.

The points listed above led me to write and illustrate a picture book that has the following features:
1) Board book
2) Touch-and-feel
3) Bilingual
4) Teaches about the concept of textures
5) A short and simple storyline with a problem and a resolution

The story is about the main character feeling unhappy with one of its body parts, and he wishes that he would have what others have instead. This is a problem which both children and adults face in life. However, we need problems like this to develop our maturity and strengthen our values. Young children can be made aware of such a problem through storybooks and hence, this book shall be a good resource for parents to teach good values to young children.

So back to the question posed at the beginning:  What title shall I give this book?

Well, the title shall be Landak (Porcupine), the name of the main character of this book.


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